Hardy Tempe (The Hub)

Tempe, AZ

The HUB is a redevelopment/reuse of a 50,000 square foot functionally obsolete industrial building on a 4.3-acre property into a “healthy” creative office building an additional 15,000 square feet of outdoor work and amenity space with 320 parking spaces. The Hub is fitted with solar panels, high quotient air filtration, roll-up garage doors/windows and touchless fixtures positionings it as a “creative office” providing a low-cost stylish, environmentally conscious modern alternative to the typical Class A office property.  The redevelopment included the recycling of demolition materials and drought tolerant landscaping promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus. It is located in Tempe, AZ and is within a Qualified Opportunity Zone.

Tempe has one of the lowest office vacancy rates within the Phoenix metropolitan area. The HUB is located minutes to 5 major freeways including 2 miles east of Interstate 10, 3 miles north of US Route 60, 3.5 miles southeast of AZ Route 143, 5.5 miles west of Loop 101, and 6 miles south of Loop 202. Arizona State University (ASU) and Tempe Town Lake is approximately 3 miles north and within four miles of Sky Harbor International Airport terminals.